Pray For Paris Wreath

This was a super simple project we did a while back that turned out better than expected. Also, it was like so cheap that I couldn’t even figure the cost. I used stuff I had around the house. IF you are a cost person, I would say that this project probably cost about $5.
Things you will need:
Wire Hanger, sorry Mommie Dearest. I got a pack of 20 at goodwill for $0.50
Garland, had some left over from Christmas but, dollar store has it for $1.00
Mini Christmas Ornaments. I ALWAYS buy seasonal stuff after the season is over for 75% off. So i got mine for less than a dollar, but if you buy them in season, they are like 2.50 for a pack.
1. Undo the wire hanger and cut or bend of the curved end.
2. Shape it into a heart
3. Add ornaments by their little toppers
4. Wrap the remaining hanger in the garland
5. I added the Eiffel Tower by just wrapping apiece of garland from top to bottom and then attaching the other pieces to the main one. It helps if you have garland that is more stiff than flexible.
6. Hang on your door, and look proud as the neighbors compliment your craftiness! 🙂