This probably goes without saying, but, I have a HUGE jewelry addiction. Not only do I love jewelry for myself, I love giving it to others, and have turned this love into a small form of side income. There are two options for purchasing, individual or subscription.

Prices for pieces are as follows for individual items
Sterling Rings: 1 for $25, 2 or more $20 each
Each ring is 925 Sterling Silver
Nail Rings: $7
Earrings: $8
Bracelets: $8
Watches: $15
Necklaces: $10
Sets: Vary

Subscriptions offer the ABSOLUTE BEST PRICES, that are not only affordable, but save you TONS of money on Jewelry each year. There are different tiers of subscriptions, pricing and details as follows

Monthly Subscription:
Silver Package $15.99

One Ring, delivered the first week of each month. 6 rings to choose from each month. The first 100 subscribers will receive a special gift their birth month. 

Gold Package: $19.99

One ring and one set of earrings delivered the first week of each month 6 styles each to chose from.

*** MOST Rings Available in sizes 6-10***
*Contact for smaller or larger sizes*

Nail Rings