Ok, I haven’t posted anything in a while, as my schedule has been ridiculously jammed packed…Sorry..Life. I only work 1 job today, so I have a little free time to brag.

So, I work part time a few afternoons a week at a furniture consignment store. Check it out here. Literally this job is like everything I love all rolled into one 5 hour shift. Thrift shopping is in my DNA, and we get some AMAZING stuff on a daily basis. The absolute BEST part about my jobs is that I have literally furnished my home from top to bottom for under a grand. NO FREAKING LIE. I will admit some of the stuff was given to me from other sources, but I would say 98% came from my job. My home is not big or extravagant by any means, BUT, it is GORGEOUS. This page will be dedicated to home decor, and will feature both photos from my personal home, as well as my work place. (I’ll make sure to note which is which)

Today’s feature photo is a setup that the girls from my work put together. It was in the store front window, and it was probably my favorite staging to date.

Can we just take a minute to admire the details in this staging? Check out the rug, the pillows and the pictures. These items all came from different consignors! It amazes me to see what people bring in, and it is so satisfying when stuff just goes together so nicely. Aside from the rug, pillows and pictures, the BAR is to die for! I love that it is mirrored, because as most of us know, mirrors really open up a room and make it feel larger than it is. Also, I spy with my little eye, some vases that also really help pull the yellow throughout the setup. AND…although you really cant tell from this picture, that lamp is so contemporary and beautiful, it should be a crime.
Unfortunately, most of set up has been sold, but still I love resting my eyes on the beauty every now and then. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Stop by Consignmentlkn.com to check out some of the inventory.