Chalk paint crafty Table

We have a fairly large Kitchen/Dining area in our townhome, and my SIL gave me her old dining room table. Initially, the table was used to be a catchall, it just happened that way. Last week, I decided that I was going to give the ugly table a makeover and paint it with chalk paint. The results are incredible and the project was super easy. I purchased a cheapo sander on Amazon and got to work.
Things you will need:
Chalk paint ($10-$20)
Sander or if you want to go the cheapest route, sandpaper ($2-$20)
Face Mask ($3 at walmart)
Paint roller ($5)
Paint tray if you want to go that way, but i just poured the paint directly on the table ($1 @ Walmart)
1. Sand off top layer of paint. (Do this outside with a MASK and Glasses, learned this the hardway)

2. Wipe down with soap water & wait to dry
3. First coat of chalk paint
4. Wait a few hrs and apply the 2nd coat

5. Let your kiddies enjoy!