Getting Creative over here

     So this week, as we are starting to run low on groceries AND have some foods that are about ready to expire. I am getting really creative trying to find ways to 1. Not waste, & 2. Not go back to the grocery store.
Kev and I have this special recipe that we really enjoy, but rarely get to eat because it’s so bad for you, and takes so long to make… (an hour & yes I’m lazy). It is also deep fried, and I hate deep frying foods, it scares the shit out of me. Probably doesn’t help that Kev set the stove on fire a few months ago making french fries, and he is the literally the FRY MASTER. He can deep fry anything and it always comes out perfect, me on the other hand, well I have a problem with letting the grease not get hot enough before I dump the bag of fries in, they come out greasy and chewy and gross. Back to the food…
He either came up with the recipe, or someone taught him the recipe, and the family calls them Wontons. I worked in a Chinese place, and I know these aren’t Wontons, so feel free to call them what you want, we are just going to stick with what we’ve been calling them.
The traditional Kev family wontons are filled with equal parts ground beef & ground pork, onions & mozzarella. Deep fry it and then dip them in marinara. They are the I made them this week, but I didn’t use the entire pack of wraps, so I got creative and made some deep fried poppers. They turned out better than I could have imagined, and they will definitely continued to be made along with the other wontons. Here is a picture of both.


Yummy in my tummy. For the poppers, I used 3/4 block of cream cheese, 3/4 cup of sharp shredded cheddar, poblano pepper and of course it isn’t complete with out bacon. You could TOTALLY use jalapeno peppers, but Miss Apple’s stomach can’t handle the spicy. The poblano pepper had a similar taste without the spiciness. I read somewhere that the bigger the peppers are, the less hot, and this was the case with the 10 lb poblano I had. (exaggeration).
Cooking these “wontons” are easy. It’s the wrapping that takes forever, and it is my least favorite, but about once a month I will bite the bullet. There are 20 wraps in a pack, we eat about 3 each and have the rest for lunch the next day.
With the “italian” type of “wonton” you just cook the meat & onions, strain, add a spoonful on to the wrap, add cheese and then roll it up & deep fry it. I always use a wet spoon to seal the last flap. I once, had one bust open and it wasn’t pretty.
For the “poppers wonton,” cook your bacon, cut your pepper, and mix your ingredients before wrapping. I let the cream cheese stay out for about an hour & half to let is soften up a bit before mixing.
I’ve tried other stuffings in the past, such as buffalo chicken, and philly cheese, they both turned out rather tasty. What ingredients would you add?
I am horrible at step by steps…but…I did pretty good on this one, check out the video below

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Also if you LOVE my knife just as much as I do, click on the picture to be directed to Amazon.

Crockpot Challenge: Salsa Rice Bowl

This dish was in line with the rest of my crock pot creations. Cheap, Easy, Yummy. I’ve been sticking to crock pot challenge, and have made some other super yum creations on the side. Admittedly, I am starting to run low on food, and I am really trying very very hard NOT to go back to the grocery store this month. This is the beginning of getting creative with what we have on hand. Creative, yes. Yum, yes.
What you need:
Thinly sliced beef strips, I get these in a pack of 4-5 at Food Lion for about $3.00
Can of Salsa $1.50
Rice, I use success rice, boil in bag $2.12 for 4 packs
Shredded Cheese $2.00

Just throw the meat and salsa in the Crock pot. This meat is super thin, and there weren’t a ton of ingredients in there so it cooked in about 2 hrs on low. I’d do an hour on high, 1.5 at the most. Boil your rice when your ready to eat, add toppings and enjoy!

Crock Pot Binge Update

The 30 day Crock Pot Challenge is going wonderfully. I love the extra hour I have each day and I love the yummy healthy food even more. This chicken concoction is super easy, filling, yum and my favorite…CHEAP!

4 Chicken Breast (fed 3 of us)
Pack of Italian Seasoning, $1.00
5 small/med potatoes, a bag is about $3.00
bag of carrots, $1.00
Onion, $0.50

I like to get the hardest stuff out of the way first, so I started by peeling and cutting my potatoes, and then chopped up my onion and put them to the side. After that, I mixed up the seasoning with about half a cup of warm water and added that to the crock pot. I seasoned my chicken breast and then added it to the pot, threw the rest of the ingredients in and cooked on low for 6.5 hrs. Cook on high for at least 3.5 hours. This recipe is amazing for cooler days, but we enjoyed it just the same on a warm spring day! Silly me forgot the bread, so we had to improvise with a toasted hot dog bun, which actually was not bad at all, I just added some butter and garlic salt and it works! Enjoy, and let me know what you would add or take out!

30 Day Crock Pot Binge

I recently fell head over heels for my Crock Pot after making those yummy ribs. Admittedly, I knew how awesome it was, but I didn’t realize how EASY it would make my daily routine. We don’t eat out very often and I would spend a minimum of an hour each day in the kitchen, in front of the hot stove. It was not my favorite to say the least. So when my mother, the saint that she is, suggested I try the Crock pot, I gave it a try. Like you all know, it took about 10 minutes to dump some ingredients in there, and forget about it. Well, at least try to forget about it, once that aroma hits the air, you are ready to sink your teeth in…Am I right, or am I right?! With the new found freedom hour, I decided to search the web, and of course Pinterest for some yummy recipes and come up with a 30 day meal plan. It has been life changing to say the least. I am always looking for new yummy recipes, so feel free to drop one in the comments!

Day 2

French Dip Sub Sandwiches

Ok, the picture quality is garbage and its a bad pic as is, but It looks much nicer in my google photos. So i guess it lost some quality when I uploaded it on WP. (Any suggestions?)
Stay Focused E.
Ok so this was super simple and also pretty cheap.
Au Ju seasoning packet, I have them on hand but no more than $1.50
French Onion Soup, Walmart brand $1.00
Roast Beef, I got a small packaged one from Food Lion for $5.00
Sub Sandwich bread, Aldi $1.50 for 6
Provolone Cheese slices, $2.00,
Mayo, $3.50

Line the Crock Pot with foil, dump the meat, french onion soup and I used half a pack of Au Ju, because little one isn’t too keen on the taste, but I am, she didn’t notice btw. Cook on low for 6 hours, or high for 3.5 to get that extra tenderness. Shred the roast beef with two forks, add some mayo and cheese to your bread, top with the yummy meat, and spoon some of the sauce into a bowl & You’re good to go.


Easy Crock Pot Ribs

We enjoyed a pretty yum dinner yesterday, it was also probably the easiest dinner I have ever made in my life. I will admit I am totally behind on the Crockpot game, but after eating this ribs that fell apart in my mouth, I am on it. It took me a whole 15 minutes to cook the other sides and for the two of us, dinner cost about $12.00. I had most of the stuff on hand, so I only paid about 5.50 from my pocket for the meat and bread!! SCORE!

What you will need:
Your fave BBQ sauce (We use Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet Mustard $1.50)
Beef Ribs (I got a pack from Food Lion for about $4 on clearance)
Glory Greens (Our fave! $1.50)
Oreida Potatoes O’brian ($2.89 @ Walmart)
Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (4 pack for us was $1.25)

First I lined the Crockpot with foil, because who likes cleaning? Threw the ribs in there, and smothered it in BBQ sauce. I added a 1/2 cup of water because the sauce is pretty thick, and I didn’t want it to dry up, although in retrospect, it may be pretty yummy without the water.
I turned the Crockpot on low at about 12 and didn’t touch it until about 6:30 and they were done, so done that the meat just fell apart off the bone. It was also very moist and tender. I scooped some of the sauce on top and it was delish I tell you!
At about 6:15 I put the glory beans on medium heat in a small pot, fried up the potatoes, and threw the buns in the toaster oven. I am pretty impressed by the outcome. Let me know if you have any favorite crockpot recipes for me to try, or if you try this, tell me how it turned out! 🙂