30 Day Crock Pot Binge

I recently fell head over heels for my Crock Pot after making those yummy ribs. Admittedly, I knew how awesome it was, but I didn’t realize how EASY it would make my daily routine. We don’t eat out very often and I would spend a minimum of an hour each day in the kitchen, in front of the hot stove. It was not my favorite to say the least. So when my mother, the saint that she is, suggested I try the Crock pot, I gave it a try. Like you all know, it took about 10 minutes to dump some ingredients in there, and forget about it. Well, at least try to forget about it, once that aroma hits the air, you are ready to sink your teeth in…Am I right, or am I right?! With the new found freedom hour, I decided to search the web, and of course Pinterest for some yummy recipes and come up with a 30 day meal plan. It has been life changing to say the least. I am always looking for new yummy recipes, so feel free to drop one in the comments!

Day 2

French Dip Sub Sandwiches

Ok, the picture quality is garbage and its a bad pic as is, but It looks much nicer in my google photos. So i guess it lost some quality when I uploaded it on WP. (Any suggestions?)
Stay Focused E.
Ok so this was super simple and also pretty cheap.
Au Ju seasoning packet, I have them on hand but no more than $1.50
French Onion Soup, Walmart brand $1.00
Roast Beef, I got a small packaged one from Food Lion for $5.00
Sub Sandwich bread, Aldi $1.50 for 6
Provolone Cheese slices, $2.00,
Mayo, $3.50

Line the Crock Pot with foil, dump the meat, french onion soup and I used half a pack of Au Ju, because little one isn’t too keen on the taste, but I am, she didn’t notice btw. Cook on low for 6 hours, or high for 3.5 to get that extra tenderness. Shred the roast beef with two forks, add some mayo and cheese to your bread, top with the yummy meat, and spoon some of the sauce into a bowl & You’re good to go.


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