Easy Crock Pot Ribs

We enjoyed a pretty yum dinner yesterday, it was also probably the easiest dinner I have ever made in my life. I will admit I am totally behind on the Crockpot game, but after eating this ribs that fell apart in my mouth, I am on it. It took me a whole 15 minutes to cook the other sides and for the two of us, dinner cost about $12.00. I had most of the stuff on hand, so I only paid about 5.50 from my pocket for the meat and bread!! SCORE!

What you will need:
Your fave BBQ sauce (We use Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet Mustard $1.50)
Beef Ribs (I got a pack from Food Lion for about $4 on clearance)
Glory Greens (Our fave! $1.50)
Oreida Potatoes O’brian ($2.89 @ Walmart)
Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (4 pack for us was $1.25)

First I lined the Crockpot with foil, because who likes cleaning? Threw the ribs in there, and smothered it in BBQ sauce. I added a 1/2 cup of water because the sauce is pretty thick, and I didn’t want it to dry up, although in retrospect, it may be pretty yummy without the water.
I turned the Crockpot on low at about 12 and didn’t touch it until about 6:30 and they were done, so done that the meat just fell apart off the bone. It was also very moist and tender. I scooped some of the sauce on top and it was delish I tell you!
At about 6:15 I put the glory beans on medium heat in a small pot, fried up the potatoes, and threw the buns in the toaster oven. I am pretty impressed by the outcome. Let me know if you have any favorite crockpot recipes for me to try, or if you try this, tell me how it turned out! 🙂