Ok, I haven’t posted anything in a while, as my schedule has been ridiculously jammed packed…Sorry..Life. I only work 1 job today, so I have a little free time to brag.

So, I work part time a few afternoons a week at a furniture consignment store. Check it out here. Literally this job is like everything I love all rolled into one 5 hour shift. Thrift shopping is in my DNA, and we get some AMAZING stuff on a daily basis. The absolute BEST part about my jobs is that I have literally furnished my home from top to bottom for under a grand. NO FREAKING LIE. I will admit some of the stuff was given to me from other sources, but I would say 98% came from my job. My home is not big or extravagant by any means, BUT, it is GORGEOUS. This page will be dedicated to home decor, and will feature both photos from my personal home, as well as my work place. (I’ll make sure to note which is which)

Today’s feature photo is a setup that the girls from my work put together. It was in the store front window, and it was probably my favorite staging to date.

Can we just take a minute to admire the details in this staging? Check out the rug, the pillows and the pictures. These items all came from different consignors! It amazes me to see what people bring in, and it is so satisfying when stuff just goes together so nicely. Aside from the rug, pillows and pictures, the BAR is to die for! I love that it is mirrored, because as most of us know, mirrors really open up a room and make it feel larger than it is. Also, I spy with my little eye, some vases that also really help pull the yellow throughout the setup. AND…although you really cant tell from this picture, that lamp is so contemporary and beautiful, it should be a crime.
Unfortunately, most of set up has been sold, but still I love resting my eyes on the beauty every now and then. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Stop by Consignmentlkn.com to check out some of the inventory.

This probably goes without saying, but, I have a HUGE jewelry addiction. Not only do I love jewelry for myself, I love giving it to others, and have turned this love into a small form of side income. There are two options for purchasing, individual or subscription.

Prices for pieces are as follows for individual items
Sterling Rings: 1 for $25, 2 or more $20 each
Each ring is 925 Sterling Silver
Nail Rings: $7
Earrings: $8
Bracelets: $8
Watches: $15
Necklaces: $10
Sets: Vary

Subscriptions offer the ABSOLUTE BEST PRICES, that are not only affordable, but save you TONS of money on Jewelry each year. There are different tiers of subscriptions, pricing and details as follows

Monthly Subscription:
Silver Package $15.99

One Ring, delivered the first week of each month. 6 rings to choose from each month. The first 100 subscribers will receive a special gift their birth month. 

Gold Package: $19.99

One ring and one set of earrings delivered the first week of each month 6 styles each to chose from.

*** MOST Rings Available in sizes 6-10***
*Contact for smaller or larger sizes*

Nail Rings



We Love Birthdays!! It also helps that my sister in law makes some AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL & DELICIOUS cakes!! Check out some of her creations along with my decorations for past birthdays!!
Some links will be provided and the Block Invitations are available for purchase, see details below.

Elmo 2nd Birthday

I am like really digging to procure these pictures. There once was a beautiful video and tons of pictures of the gorgeous Elmo cake, no telling where that is…But I do have some pictures of the the birthday girl enjoying her 2 bounce houses, kiddie pool, bubble machine & various other endeavors. Needless to say we kicked the terrible 2’s off right!



Spongebob 3rd Birthday!


Peep the GIANT CUPCAKE also!

Princess 5th Bday

My SIL came through once again with the Princess Cakes, making Apples 5th birthday a success! I came across a pinterest link for these cakes here. Make sure you follow me while you are there! On this birthday she got the leap pad & Mommy & Abby matching shoes. When she grew out of the shoes, I put them back in the boxes and stored them safely in the attic. I hope one day she has a son or daughter and they can wear the shoes. I added a little note in each pair that says “I love your little feet” & “I love your big feet too.”

My SIL came through once again with the Princess Cakes, making Apples 5th birthday a success! Also she loved the leap pad & she also got Mommy & Abby matching shoes that day. When she grew out of the shoes, I put them back in the boxes and stored them safely in the attic. I hope one day she has a son or daughter and they can wear the shoes. I added a little note in each pair that says “I love your little feet” & “I love your big feet too.”

Minecraft 8th Bday

If you would Like to purchase the downloadable version of these invitations, please send 9.99 to my paypal here. For $5 I will add date/name/rsvp info in same font. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery & 48 for customized orders. Please be sure to include customization details in the notes section.


Scrapbook Page

This is just a little scrapbook page I made not to long ago, I used my Cricut Personal cutter with the Calligraphy Font cartridge for the letters. The paper doily came in a pack of 20 for $2.50, and the feathers were in a pack of 15 (I think) for $2.50 both came from Michaels

Pray For Paris Wreath

This was a super simple project we did a while back that turned out better than expected. Also, it was like so cheap that I couldn’t even figure the cost. I used stuff I had around the house. IF you are a cost person, I would say that this project probably cost about $5.
Things you will need:
Wire Hanger, sorry Mommie Dearest. I got a pack of 20 at goodwill for $0.50
Garland, had some left over from Christmas but, dollar store has it for $1.00
Mini Christmas Ornaments. I ALWAYS buy seasonal stuff after the season is over for 75% off. So i got mine for less than a dollar, but if you buy them in season, they are like 2.50 for a pack.
1. Undo the wire hanger and cut or bend of the curved end.
2. Shape it into a heart
3. Add ornaments by their little toppers
4. Wrap the remaining hanger in the garland
5. I added the Eiffel Tower by just wrapping apiece of garland from top to bottom and then attaching the other pieces to the main one. It helps if you have garland that is more stiff than flexible.
6. Hang on your door, and look proud as the neighbors compliment your craftiness! 🙂


Chalk paint crafty Table

We have a fairly large Kitchen/Dining area in our townhome, and my SIL gave me her old dining room table. Initially, the table was used to be a catchall, it just happened that way. Last week, I decided that I was going to give the ugly table a makeover and paint it with chalk paint. The results are incredible and the project was super easy. I purchased a cheapo sander on Amazon and got to work.
Things you will need:
Chalk paint ($10-$20)
Sander or if you want to go the cheapest route, sandpaper ($2-$20)
Face Mask ($3 at walmart)
Paint roller ($5)
Paint tray if you want to go that way, but i just poured the paint directly on the table ($1 @ Walmart)
1. Sand off top layer of paint. (Do this outside with a MASK and Glasses, learned this the hardway)

2. Wipe down with soap water & wait to dry
3. First coat of chalk paint
4. Wait a few hrs and apply the 2nd coat

5. Let your kiddies enjoy!